Terrence Ruffin knows bodybuilding is both mental and physical

When fans think of the Classic Physique division of the IFBB Pro League, two names come to mind – Chris Bumstead and Breon Ansley. Terrence Ruffin has now made this roster a three-man roster. The Olympia runner-up is fresh off his second consecutive victory at the Arnold Classic Physique, and many fans believe he is now poised to give Bumstead a serious run for his money when they face off in 2022. in Las Vegas, Nevada in December. .

Part of Ruffin’s victory tour included a stop at the Fit Rockstar Show to see host Isabelle Turell. After Turell complimented how handsome he looked, they discussed the mental side of bodybuilding. Ruffin thinks this is a very important part that cannot be considered enough.

“I think bodybuilding has a lot to do with your mental state, staying mentally strong for sure,” Ruffin said. He also shared that he spent a lot of time researching this topic by reading several books on the mental side of success.

“They say some of the best people on the planet aren’t where they are because of their talents,” he explained. “Obviously, you know, talent plays a role, but it’s because of their work ethic, their courage and their perseverance.”

Ruffin has proven he has all of those qualities in spades. Just four years ago he finished 12th at the Toronto Pro and 9th at the Olympia that year. Now it is widely regarded as Bumstead’s best challenge ahead of this year’s Olympia. Although he would love to be on more shows, he knows he has to do his best if he wants Bob Cicherillo to announce “and new” with Ruffin winning the title.

“I am very aware that Chris (Bumstead) is a three-time Olympic champion. It’s going to take all my concentration,” he admitted.

Ruffin and Turell covered a wide variety of topics in this hour-long interview, including Ruffin’s military service, the art of posing, his mentors, and more. Watch this episode and all episodes of The Fit Rockstar Show by subscribing to Wings of Strength YouTube Channel. You can also follow @fitrockstarshow on Instagram.

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