The 10 best boxing halls in Melbourne


Location: King Street, Melbourne CBD

Price: 6 months fixed term $ 33 per week

By the way: Come here for the opportunity to train under the guidance of Head Coach Pedrag Galic or Pedge as his friends call him. A highly decorated fighter with multiple titles in boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai, Pedge is aimed at first-time fists as well as seasoned fighters looking to advance through the amateur and professional ranks. With a strong focus on personal development and realizing potential, this is a great place to learn the intricacies of soft science and get ripped apart in the process.


Insta: –


Location: 17 Gleadell Street, Richmond

Price: POA

By the way: This Richmond institution is the type of authentic gym that makes the sport feel gritty. Master the basics, scramble your hands on the speed ball, hammer the heavy bag, and jump like a pro as you work your body like a blade on stone. And remember this quote from Leo Berry himself: “those who train hard have to improve”.


Insta: leoberrysgymrbc


Location: CBD, Dandenong, Campbellfield, Brunswick

Price: $ 15 per week

About: So, does your tiger eye attitude mean you want to train anytime, day or night? No problem, Doherty’s is open 24/7. The CBD complex, located in a vaulted underground training vault, is probably on Australia’s shortlist of coolest gyms and with a competitive rate there is a lot to like. Work the heavy bags in the safe, then jump into the ring for a light sparring. There’s also a well-equipped gym if you need to bulk up and move up a weight class.


Insta: dohertysgym


Location: 3-5 Blackburn Road, Blackburn

Price: POA

About: This one is for the purists. Focused strictly on boxing, The Fighters Factory offers the opportunity to train alongside professional boxers in an atmosphere that is both demanding and inspiring. A fully equipped boxing gym offers targeted and expert boxing circuits, personal training and one-on-one sessions with experts. Or you can practice Clubber Lang and beat the heavy bag solo. Once you’ve built up your confidence, you even have the option of participating in monthly “Fight Nights” where you can practice your skills.


Insta: blackburnfightersfactory


Location: 172 Union Road, Surrey Hills

Price: $ 30 per week

By the way: With an emphasis on cardio boxing, Murphy’s is a good choice if your the main concern is to improve conditioning and lose weight. That said, all classes are led by experienced in-ring coaches and they pride themselves on training both amateur and professional fighters. Popular with professional athletes, featured customers include Leisel Jones and Hawthorn FC.


Insta: gerrymurphy_boxing_coach


Location: 64 Sutton St, North Melbourne

Price: $ 120 per month

By the way: a large, well-lit facility with a welcoming vibe, classes here focus on calorie expenditure and fat burning. With the option to try their hand at boxing, kickboxing or Muay Thai, this is a great place for novices who want to develop their fighting skills in a friendly atmosphere, while developing their endurance base.


Insta: northmelbourneboxing


Location: Werribee, Balaclava, Ashburton, Richmond, South Yarra, Doreen, Mill Park, Port Melbourne, Camberwell, Caroline Springs, Kew, Elsternwick, Prahran, Brunswick East, Malvern, South Melbourne

Price: $ 30 per class

By the way: Affiliated with quadruple world champion Danny Green, 12RND has taken off in recent years and it’s easy to see why. The workouts aim to mimic the demands of a 12-round fight – minus the concussion overheads – with 12 3-minute rounds with 30 seconds of rest in between. No fixed class schedule means you can get started a workout at any 3-minute interval, with the promise of burning up to 750 calories in a 12-round session. Hit it!


Insta: 12rndfitness


Location: 488 Victoria Street, Richmond

Price: $ 45 per week for a 3-class pass

By the way: You want your trainer to have a pedigree, don’t you? Look no further than Fitness Ring, founded by former kickboxing world champion and WBO competitor Nick “The Terror” Tetoros, who was also a training partner of the former world champion, Kostya Tszyu. Rustic brick walls with old fight posters and photos of Sly Stallone frame the ‘workshop’ where you’ll learn the fundamentals of science, beat the pads and hammer the heavy sack, increasing your conditioning to levels without previous.


Insta: fitnessringboxing


Location: 29 White Street, South Melbourne and 40-72 Rokeby Street, Collingwood

Price: $ 66 bi-weekly for six months

About: Set in a huge iron shed with multiple rings, plenty of heavy bags, and a smooth paint job, FightFit offers boxing, kickboxing and circuit training. There are dedicated sparring classes for those who want to perfect their ringcraft and don’t mind getting tagged rather than tickled, as well as technical sessions where you can master your jab, maybe even develop a squeaky uppercut. teeth.


Insta: fightfitboxing


Location: 64 Sutton Street, north of Melbourne

Price: $ 120 per month

About: Founded by Joe Nader, a former Australian and South Pacific heavyweight champion, PowerPlay offers boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, martial arts and self-defense lessons. If your ambitions extend to competing at an amateur level, coaches can provide you with a proper training camp experience that will set you up to scold on fight night.



Why boxing?

Boxing can improve your stamina, balance, hand-eye coordination, and reflexes, while also increasing muscle mass and reducing stress.

A study published in Neuropsychopharmacology found that people who high-intensity workouts for an hour released significantly more endorphins than those who spent an hour in moderate exercise. There is nothing moderate about boxing.

How much does a boxing gym cost?

Boxing gyms can cost anywhere from $ 15 per class to $ 120 per month. You can consult the approximate prices of the courses above (subject to change). Your best bet is to call the gym that interests you the most.

Can we build muscle with boxing?

Although boxing is primarily an endurance sport, you can still build muscle. Classes that include strength training are essential.

Is boxing good training?

Yes. Research by supplement brand Forza found that boxing burns 800 calories per hour, more than any other sport.

How do you find a good boxing gym?

Take a look at our list above! We’ll be covering all major cities in Australia, so stay tuned.

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