The Coalition and the Angelina County Sheriff’s Office Collect Discarded Prescriptions on Drug Resumption Day

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) – The Angelina County Sheriff’s Office teamed up with Angelina Beautiful Clean, The Coalition and Abeldt’s Gaslight Company as they spent the day picking up prescription drugs from the community.

“The aim of this day is to make sure people dispose of their medicines in the right way, it’s best for the community and the environment. So don’t throw them in the trash, don’t throw them in the trash,” said Abby Baker, the Coalition’s community coordinator.

The event is a national awareness day that law enforcement and non-profit organizations around the world use to retrieve unused prescription drugs from the community.

“It’s better to really help get rid of it here safely and not worry about going out on the streets near someone trying to sell it,” said Mark Guerra of the County Sheriff’s Office. Angelina.

All prescriptions collected today will be disposed of in a secure environment.

“They don’t have to worry about the labels peeling off. I know a lot of people who are worried about their address and their stuff coming out of the information once I put it in that box it’s sealed and no one don’t ever watch them again,” Guerra said.

“If you have kids at home, make sure you lock them up. Just to make sure they’re not viewed by people they shouldn’t be,” Baker said.

If you missed today’s drug drop, you can still drop off those prescriptions at the Angelina County Sheriff’s Office, they have a green drop box inside.

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