The Men’s Shed project to improve mental health comes to Halstead

A PROJECT to improve men’s mental health is looking for more people to get involved.

The Men’s Shed in Halstead is looking for more people to get involved.

Men’s Sheds are places to pursue practical interests, skills, and enjoy crafting and repairing.

The project has now arrived in Halstead, led by Kevin Pryke.

Kevin, 59, from Halstead, is the project manager and is looking to put the group together.

He said: “It all started with an idea about a year ago. As I am semi-retired and looking to retire, I wanted to get back to doing some carpentry in the garage.

“I joined the UK Men’s Shed Association, and someone from Essex Men’s Shed wanted to have an asset in Halstead, so that’s what I did.”

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Men’s Sheds also has a social side, where men can make new friends.

Kevin said: “It’s a meeting point, mainly for guys, to share concerns and worries as we tend to keep things quiet.

“Sometimes when people retire they don’t know what to do – many don’t prepare for retirement.

“Some people lose their partners, some men are pretty isolated at home, we have to get those people active and doing things.”

Kevin has been working with Halstead Town Council to spread the word and get more people involved, and says the reaction so far has been ‘very good’.

He said: “We have a meeting with the city council and just need to get the idea out to the general public.”

The project is looking for people who would like to not only use the men’s shed but also be part of the committee and retired trades people who are interested in giving a few hours to help others and pass on their knowledge.

For more information on the project, visit

To get involved, email [email protected] or call Kevin on 07889 255269.

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