The secrets behind the insanely ripped physique of this 72-year-old bodybuilder

When it comes to the aging process, most of us try to challenge aging by pumping our skin with all kinds of injectables and hoping that science can do the impossible job of keeping us young for the sake of it. always. For the most part, this only ever seems to translate into strained complexions that are easily betrayed by loose skin from the neck down. But as this 72-year-old Chinese bodybuilder seems to suggest, perhaps the focus should be on exercise throughout. The benefits of a workout have already been shown to improve skin and muscle tone, as well as our mental health, but bodybuilder Xinmin Yang also looks half his age – which he credits to his workouts.

Easily displaying 30 rather than 72, Yang is an enigma. Without his shirt and sunglasses, you’d think he just stepped out of a Hollywood action movie. The man is a living testament to the power of exercise when it comes to living with intention and growing old with grace, although we have yet to see this man grow old. So what are its secrets? Apparently daily exercise and a diet that includes eating six to eight eggs for breakfast. There, my friends, it is the fountain of youth.

Since entering bodybuilding in 1984 – a year after China lifted the ban on the sport that had been introduced in 1953 – Yang has become so passionate about the sport that he has made it part of his everyday routine. By exercising daily, Yang has normal blood pressure, normal blood lipids, and bone density in a 30-year-old man. In an interview with Change Production in 2018, he revealed, “The first thing my doctor said was“ you don’t look like you’re over 60. ”Over the years, I have lived healthy living through strength training.

But as any gym addict knows, diet is also imperative to achieving your gains. For Yang, that means consuming six to eight eggs for breakfast each day, alongside “tomatoes, cucumbers, oatmeal… and chicken breast”. It’s a diet he says he’s been eating for almost 10 years, and it seems to be working wonders.

When videos of Yang training surfaced on Reddit, the internet nearly erupted into a war of words, as commentators just couldn’t believe his age. This led one person to decry, “It’s so funny that everyone categorically refuses to believe it, that’s the point. He looks amazing for 70 years. Looking and feeling so good at 72, it seems safe to say that Yang won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

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