The training secrets behind OT Fagbenle’s Black Widow Physique

As the global pandemic plunged our lives into an existence of uncertainty, Fagbenle admits he was grateful to have such a physical role at a time when most were locked away because it gave him something to do and work. As the actor revealed to GQ, getting in shape was no easy task.. In the morning he would drink a glass of water, have a four egg omelet, half a bowl of porridge with blackberries and banana and almond milk, and then take a little pre-workout with his morning coffee. .

“I would have my morning workout, which would probably be 70 percent combat training, 30 percent weight training, but in constant motion throughout, keeping the heart rate high. Then I would have a protein shake, the other half of the banana, a spoon or two of protein powder – I try to have vegan protein powder, but I hate it – berries, milk and milk. ‘almond,’ he told the publication.

Snacks throughout the day included nuts like almonds and for lunch Fagbenle typically ate vegetables and fish, with a small serving of brown rice or quinoa. “I’m not the type to cook,” he admits. “The eggs were a feat, so I would take the rice or quinoa packets and put them in the microwave. Probably another protein shake or bar after that.

It was a life of routine and consistency. Dinner was generally the same meal of fish with greens, and potentially a drink in the evening. “I’m very annoying like that, I rinse and repeat that, except to change the salmon for the sea bass, I change things. Sometimes change the protein powder.

When it comes to his training, Fagbenle has done a lot of boxing, claiming that he has become a huge fan of MMA training. Other sessions focused on weights, but Fagbenle was quick to note: “To be honest, at my age, a big priority is not getting injured. If I hurt myself it keeps me from being able to train for a week or two and those weeks are so precious. We focus a lot on mobility and some really stubborn old injuries. I think in my twenties I was more of a hell for leather. “How much can I loose?” Now, in your late 30s and 40s, it’s a lot more about making lasting progress.

Another aspect of his health that Fagbenle considers a priority is mental health and he is eager to practice meditation. “I’m not perfect in my practice: you’re supposed to do it twice a day and sometimes a month goes by,” he says, but he’s sure to incorporate it where he can. It does this using a gratitude journal as well, through an app called the five minute journal where “you do it once in the morning, once in the evening and list what you’re grateful for. It makes a huge difference to me. Fagbenle adds that connecting with the community is imperative for his mental health regime: “Look for opportunities to help someone on the subway or across the road for groceries, donate to charity , help my little brother with his homework. I try to find opportunities to give.

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