Thinning hair? 6 hairstyles to try depending on your face shape

Hair loss is a concern for many men. The key to styling, says barber Guray Kesman, is making sure your face fits.

For the modern man, no grooming affliction is more visceral than the slow retreat of a receding hair. It is an experience shared by many; two-thirds of all men will be affected by male pattern baldness at some point in their life.

According to former British Barber of the Year, Guray Kesman, the key to styling is making sure your face fits.

Here are his top tips.



Profile: If your jawline is more prominent than your cheekbones and you have a relatively broad forehead with a more pointed chin, you’ve come to the right place.

Characterized by : Hi sweetie, this is Ryan Gosling.

Ask your hairdresser to…keep lots of length and volume on top and as much texture as possible. Consider a side-swept banana or side part to reveal the forehead.

But avoid… go for too much sweetness on top – it may look flat. High fades also risk narrowing the front.

Leonardo DiCaprio


Profile: Wide, circular cheekbones, a full forehead and a tapered jawline can give the face a lunar effect. The trick is to choose a style that negates that feeling of volume.

As characterized by: Leonardo DiCaprio. It could be worse, TBF.

Ask your hairdresser to… aim for height and volume, while being tight on the back and sides. Opt for hard-textured cuts to give your facial appearance more structure.

But avoid… style it flat on top. You will also want to avoid fringe. Both will only serve to increase the perception of facial fullness.

Henry Cavill


Profile: Your face is wide in all respects: broad forehead, strong cheekbones and angular jawline. You have presence.

Characterized by : None other than Superman, Henry Cavill.

Ask your hairdresser to… administer a tight back and sides. Feel free to choose any length on top, but maybe consider layering to accentuate your features. In general, enjoy the gift of nature and go with what you have.

But avoid… a precisely defined hairline if you step back. This will undermine the strength of your profile.

George Clooney


Profile: Broad forehead, softer and less marked cheekbones and round and generous jawline.

Characterized by : The never-knowingly bad-looking George Clooney.

Ask your hairdresser to… style your hair as desired, as long as it creates volume and angles on top. You want to balance the roundness of your face, not overpower it.

But avoid… fringes. These make an oval face look rounder. Short, tousled beards are fine, but beware of fuller growth. Think George Clooney on chip pies.

Cillian Murphy


Profile: A narrow forehead, cheekbones you could cut yourself over and a tapered chin = rock star potential.

Characterized by : Cillian Murphy – who, by the way, led a rock band before becoming a star performer.

Ask your hairdresser to…soften your angular features with a textured scissor cut.

But avoid… aggressive cuts and short sides. (Yes, we know it was Cillian Peaky Blinders see. Say no more?)

Ben Affleck


Profile: A large rectangular face with rounded corners will inevitably answer the question: why the long face?

Characterized by : Ben Affleck. J-Lo obviously has a thing for right angles.

Ask your hairdresser to…apply even cuts and styles that work well with gravity. Also insist on a scissor cut – the shorn sides extend the face.

But avoid… too much height on top and too little length on the back and sides. You want to soften, not accentuate.

Guray Kesman is the director and founder of @kesmanmalegrooming and was awarded Britain’s Best Barber of the Year in 2019.

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