Tom Holland Says Someone Wore a Fake Ass in ‘No Way Home’

Spoilers follow for Spider-Man: No Coming Home.

Marvel fans were thrilled when Spider-Man: No Coming Home came out last year and they were treated to not one, not two, but three different versions of their friendly neighborhood superhero. Thanks to some shenanigans spanning multiple universes, the two previous actors to portray the role, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, showed up to help the MCU’s current Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and remind audiences just how great they are at as Spider-Man.

In a recent interview with Seth Meyers, however, Holland revealed that fellow Peters Parker has an extra ace at his fingertips.

“I’m going to spoil you,” he said. “And I’m not going to tell you who. But one of us has a fake ass in his costume.”

“You can find out for yourselves,” he continued. “I remember being on set and saying ‘wow…oh wait a minute, that’s not real. “”

Given that roughly 90% of any given Marvel movie is purely CGI, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that parts of our heroes aren’t strictly real either. But the reveal is bound to shake the fandom to its core, despite making some sense. Unlike the current Spidey, neither Maguire nor Garfield went shirtless at any point in the film, and it’s likely that despite the number of stunts in their cameos, they didn’t have to undergo the same strenuous physical transformation and sport the same muscular physique. like Holland and other MCU actors.

The obvious fake candidate here is Tobey Maguire, the oldest of the three Spider-Man actors. Sure, he was smitten with the first film back in 2002, but he’s been pretty much absent from the big screen since 2013. Gatsby the magnificent (unless you count his voice work in the boss baby cinematic universe), taking on a producer role instead. While he may have been thrilled to reprise one of his most popular roles, it’s less likely he did the whole superhero thing.

Then there’s Garfield. If he was the one wearing the prosthetic back, then he’s been rocking it for nearly a decade – fans of his Peter Parker incarnation will remember the perky Spider-Butt that continued to circulate the internet as .GIF after The Amazing Spider-Man has been freed. Then again, Garfield was probably filming Tick, tick… BOOM shortly before or after No coming home, and he looks pretty emaciated in this movie. Maybe he didn’t have time to do his squats before he was secretly taken to the MCU’s green screen where he filmed the majority of his scenes.

The case of who wore the fake ass is not the the biggest unanswered question in Marvel Studios canon. But it will likely divide the fandom for years to come all the same.

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