Tom Holland talks about the impact of social media on his mental health

Tom Holland has been candid about the effect the social media app has had on his mental and emotional health, citing the app as ‘over-stimulating’ and ‘overwhelming’ as he told fans he would be quitting it to take care of his mental health.

For many of us, the endless scrolling of the Instagram feed is a temptation we can’t or won’t resist. The glow of the phone screen draws us in at all hours of the day, and naturally we find ourselves giving in no matter how hard we try to occupy ourselves and resist. Whether it’s the first thing that greets us in the morning or the thing we fall asleep to, the highlight of other people’s lives has now spilled over into the news and the news, with Instagram becoming less a photo-sharing platform that it is. misinformation and filtered faces. It can all seem overwhelming, a distraction from what really matters in life: presence, connection, communication. And if anyone knows, it’s Tom Holland.

Recently, the actor opened up to his followers about his mental health and why he felt the need to take a break from social media in order to focus on improving his headspace. In a video shared with his 67.7 million followers, Holland said, “I took a sanity break from social media because I find Instagram and Twitter too empowering, overwhelming.”

“I get caught and spiral when I read things about myself online, and ultimately it’s very detrimental to my mental state, so I decided to take a step back and delete the app.[s].”

tom holland

Holland’s return to social media might then seem counter-intuitive, but as the 26-year-old explained his brief stint on social media was in the hopes of spotlighting two charities he was hoping for. present to his fans. “On this very, very brief Instagram throwback, I thought it would be very important and a good idea to shed some light on a charity that we sponsor, which is Stem4.”

“Stem4 is a wonderfully innovative educational program. His pioneering app, clinically advised website and lectures on mental health helped young children who were suffering,” Holland said. “Stem4 is one of many charities that @thebrothertrust is extremely proud to support – and I’d like to take a moment to highlight their fantastic work.”

He continued: ‘The Brother Trust is a fundraising vehicle to help raise money so these charities can continue to do the fantastic work they do. So if you feel so inclined to help us help them and others, go to our website, buy yourself a t-shirt, all the money will go to all the charities we support.

While great efforts within the community – both from actors, athletes and others – are being made to break down the stigma surrounding mental health, such conversations have yet to be given a platform. to ensure that they materialize and are not dismissed. If we’ve taken anything away from the months spent in lockdown, it’s that mental health is a priority and just as you might hit the gym every day to work on your fitness and muscles, the mind is also the one on which You must work.

The actor ended his message by telling his fans, “I love you all, and let’s talk about mental health.”

If you or someone you know is having difficulty, help and support is available. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or text 0477 131 114 for 24/7 support where you can access confidential one-to-one text messages with a trained Lifeline assistant.

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