United Airlines cancellation policy will allow you to cancel Basic Economy

There are obvious drawbacks to booking a seat in basic economy class, and we are not I’m just talking about the lack of legroom. These economy fares are often more difficult, or in some cases completely ineligible, for cancellations. In fact, until now, United Airlines had this same policy.

The airline has introduced an update, which will officially take effect on Wednesday, which will allow passengers to cancel their basic economy fares for the first time, Travel & Leisure reports.

Here’s how it works: If you’ve already secured your Basic Economy Class ticket, you can either upgrade to Standard Economy Class or cancel altogether for a fee.

“As part of an ongoing effort to provide more flexibility, United is making it easier for customers to change their Basic Economy tickets,” a United Airlines spokeswoman told the outlet, noting that travelers can “ or pay to upgrade to a standard economy ticket, which will allow them to reschedule their flight and offer all the benefits of a standard economy ticket, including Premier benefits, free seat assignments, free carry-on baggage and more again; or if a customer does not wish to change their booking, they may cancel their trip and receive a residual credit for their base economy class ticket.”

Basic economy class cancellations will earn you flight credit for the price of your ticket, but less a fee. Domestic flights will incur a fee of $49.50 one way and $99 round trip, while international flights will cost you $99.50 one way and $199 for your round trip cancellation.

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