Watch This Athlete Try To Break The Turkish World Record Getup

The Turkish outfit is a movement that requires perfect technique and challenges not only full body strength, but also balance, stability and mobility. But for strength coach Mike Aidala, it’s more.

“The movement of the Turkish outfit symbolizes the struggles of life,” he says. “When life knocks you down, you have to get up and stand up straight. The more you practice getting up, the stronger you will become.”

In the latest episode of Ten Thousand’s Feats of Strength series, Aidala attempts to set a new world record for the most weight lifted by a Turkish outfit in one hour. Aidala has partnered with the veterans suicide prevention organization Mission 22 in its attempt to educate veterans about mental health issues, an issue that has personally affected his family.

The existing record Aidala has to break was 12,998.5 pounds, and he goes into the day with the goal of lifting a combined total of 15,000 pounds, using a 97-pound kettlebell in his left hand and a 88 to his right. Staying at maximum effort for a full hour is a real test of physical fitness as well as mental resilience.

In addition to his strength training, Aidala says incorporating mindfulness into his routine has helped him prepare for the big day. “I focused on yoga, meditation and spending a lot of time in nature,” he says.

In what is probably the toughest hour of her life, Aidala manages to lift 13,823 pounds in total. It may be below its 15,000-pound goal, but it’s still 900 pounds more than the previous one, which means it’s the new record.

“I didn’t rely so much on the emotional aspect,” he says afterward. “It really impacted my body, my mind and my heart. The Turkish outfit is the one that gets your heart rate up, and if you go over that red line you’ll burn out, so I was trying to flirt with that line as much than I could. And I’m proud of it.

Ten thousand

While this is an impressive record and the Turkish outfit is an interesting decision, it has limited value in your regular workouts, as we point out on the Men’s Health Muscle Youtube channel: instead, you might just want to try these three alternatives instead.

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