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June marks not only the beginning of summer but also Men’s Health Month.

Dr David Kuhns of Washington County Hospital and Clinics says that regardless of your age, it is very important to keep a constant eye on your health and maintain good health practices. When you meet with a doctor, there are different topics and concerns that may be discussed depending on your age and family history. Kuhns says screening for cholesterol and diabetes should start around age 35, while screenings for colon and prostate cancer as well as the shingles vaccine should start at age 45. Common questions men ask themselves when meeting with their doctor can include eating healthy with a busy work schedule, planning your diet, and checking your mental health. Kuhns gives some tips on how men can help prevent serious health problems in the future.

“Men will do themselves a great service by maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding smoking. It’s hard to maintain a healthy diet and that sort of thing with the way work life is. Making adjustments to diet and regular exercise opportunities whenever possible will pay the greatest dividend. “

Depending on age, Dr. Kuhns recommends that men visit their doctor every one to two years. After the age of 35 to 40, taking an annual trip will help to more closely monitor weight, blood pressure, and possible vaccine needs.

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