West Seattle Blog… | Neighborhood naturopathy: Welcome, new sponsor of the WSB!

Today we welcome a new WSB sponsor, Neighborhood Naturopathy. New sponsors have the chance to tell you what they’re talking about – here’s the message from Neighborhood Naturopathy (5410 California SW):

(Dr. Megan Taylor of Neighborhood Naturopathic, Dr. Allison Middleman, Dr. Emily Lesnak, Dr. Arika Dortero)

Local West Seattle, Neighborhood Naturopathy is a small clinic owned by a woman and a doctor that offers both primary care and specialized services to patients of all ages. Whether you need a general screening exam or are seeking help for specific health issues, we’ll take the time to truly understand and address the roots of any symptoms or imbalances you may be experiencing – and explore. in-depth preventive strategies for the benefit of your present and future health.

In an often inaccessible and rushed healthcare system, we offer longer appointment times, attentive follow-ups and rapid responses to urgent needs. Through direct messaging with physicians, friendly and responsive communication from staff, telemedicine options, same-day appointment opportunities, and Saturday openings, we make ourselves available for your care and the care of your family.

Beyond wellness visits, Neighborhood Naturopathy services also include: referrals for comprehensive lab and imaging work; functional tests, such as stool analysis, hormonal assessment, and vitamin/mineral level assessment; in-house adult and pediatric blood tests; allergy tests and allergy injections; pediatric vaccinations; evidence-based natural treatments and supplements; B-12 shots; and expert advice on digestive health, fertility, postpartum care, and pediatrics, among other areas. We look forward to fully exploring your health concerns – from insomnia to digestive distress to menstrual cycle dysregulation – and collaborating with you on a holistic approach to your overall well-being.

have been called Neighborhood Naturopathy For a reason. We live here. And we are committed to investing in the community where we live and operate.

**Please note that we are networked with many major insurance companies and offer service time discounts for out-of-pocket patients.**

We thank Neighborhood Naturopathy for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news through WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory form here, and find information on how to join the team by going here.

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