What does the end of “Dune 2” mean?

that of Denis Villeneuve Dune ends with a self-fulfilling prophecy: Paul Atreides (Timoth̩e Chalamet), prince of the planet Caladan where he had visions of the Freman des Arrakis Рand, in particular of Chani (Zendaya), leading him through caves and sands Рfollows a procession of Fremen on the crest of a dune, Chani leading him, his mother behind.

The sequence takes place a bit more halfway through Frank Herbert’s novel, on which Villeneuve’s film takes the majority of its narrative lineups; the film is faithful. At this point in both stories, Paul fled the Atreid stronghold in Arrakeen after the betrayal of its former inhabitants and enemy of the Atreides family, the Harkonnen. The flight from the capital leads Paul and his mother, Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), into the desert, where they meet the Fremen. The encounter turns violent when one of the Fremen, Jamis, convinced that Lady Jessica used witchcraft to disarm Stilgar (Javier Bardem), evokes the rule of Amtal, challenging Lady Jessica to fight to the death. dead.

Paul chooses to fight in his mother’s place and kills Jamis. The act flatters Paul with the Fremen. As Lady Jessica insists the couple eventually leave Arrakis, Paul, his visions becoming more intense due to both his exposure to the spice and his training at the Bene Gesserit, states that he will not run; he will not leave his father’s resting place and will not cede power.

The fight completes Paul’s rite of passage, which began on Caladan when revered Mother Bene Gesserit first tested her powers. Paul’s acceptance into the Fremen Order represents a mythological “double kingship”, where the hero begins to move between worlds – the familiar one from the beginning of the story and the extraordinary new world.

Of course, the end of Dune has even more character and story implications and foreshadows a dark twist on mainstream heroic myths. Without spoiling Dune 2, which will be inspired by the second half of Herbert’s first novel, here is the Dune end explained.

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What does the Dune end means?

When Paul and his mother meet the Fremen, there are murmurs, doubts. Is Paul the one they learned, the messiah? Paul’s arrival in Arrakis is greeted by hordes of locals who point fingers at him, wondering. (His mother is also subject to these beliefs when a housekeeper explains that she and Paul were predicted.) When Paul asks his mother, she explains that the Bene Gesserit has already prepared the ground for the arrival of the Atreids. , planting the germ of a religious belief: Paul, son of a Bene Gesserit, will be for them a kind of savior. Paul laughs at the manipulation.

But there is also an indication that Paul believes in the hype. Towards the end of the film, a rift can be seen growing between Paul and his mother, who is no longer able to control or guide her son like she could before. As in the novel, their dynamics change in the wilderness, with Paul becoming more bossy and bossy after the death of King Leto. Maybe he was really meant to rule.

His visions are reinforced by the presence of spice in the desert air, and he sees himself on the battlefield fighting alongside the Fremen, under a black flag. Although the film does not use this language, the novel announces a religious “jihad”; Paul’s visions are of himself as the leader and military commander of this struggle. Of course, we are made to understand that this is a false religion based on lies told by the Bene Gesserit to the inhabitants of Arrakis. This fact, however, is becoming less and less important; the messiah becomes real.

Paul’s passage into the world of the Fremen suggests a false prophecy slowly coming true, as well as a hero increasingly convinced of his power (ordered as he is). The growing fervor of the Fremen, the break between mother and son, visions of union with Chani; these features give way to a second violent and unconventional part of this myth of the desert.

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