When will House of the Dragon Set? The Targaryen Tree and Timeline, Explained

1,183 days have passed since the penultimate episode of game of thrones left King’s Landing in a smoking heap of rubble and scorched flesh. All these months later and HBO Dragon House returns to the seemingly rebuilt and thriving capital of Westeros. The Targaryens sit atop the Iron Throne (which looks even cooler), the dragons surround the city without the citizens cowering in terror, and the 7 Kingdoms find themselves on the brink of war once again of succession.

Whereas Dragon House is obviously a prequel series to game of thronesit is not immediately clear how prequel prequel prequel.

We are still several generations away from Daenerys Targaryen, a presence that looms over the city yet to be destroyed. (Daenerys is a distant descendant of Princess Rhaenyra, whom we meet flying over the city on her dragon, an image no different from Daenerys’ entrance to Kings Landing.) In fact, the framing of the footage of the show’s King’s Landing looks like intentional references to the fate of the capital. It’s a dramatic irony that pervades the opening episode – the ultimate fall in centuries.

When exactly Dragon House take place in the game of thrones universe?

Here’s what to know about the series’ timeline.

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When is Dragon House Adjust?

The timeline of Westeros is divided into two periods: pre-conquest (BC) and post-conquest (AC). Date 0 corresponds to the landing of Aegon I in Westeros, the start of the Targaryen conquest. (This is how the family comes to power.)

The events of Dragon House take place in AC, although some characters are about the BC era, including events like the Doom of Valyria, a Pompeii-like event that nearly slew all the dragons. It was -100 BC. (Here’s a helpful family tree and timeline for House Targaryen, though it may contain spoilers for Dragon House.)

The first episode of the series picks up in 112 AC (after an initial prelude scene in 101 AC), during the reign of Viserys I.

It’s almost 200 years before the first episode of game of throneswhich opens in 298 AC.

The events of the rest of the series, however, will likely take place between 129 and 131 AC. The series is reported to be inspired by author George RR Martin fire and blood (2018), which traces the history of House Targaryen. In particular, the series will follow the events detailed in the second half of Martin’s book, which includes the civil war “Dance of the Dragons”. The war is a war of succession involving Princess Rhaenyra.

This conflict begins in 129 AC.

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