Why 8-Week Progressive Training Blocks are essential for injury-free and burnout-free results

Did you know that burnout, in addition to making you more susceptible to injury, can have a long list of side effects, including depression and mood swings?

For this reason alone, Cameron Falloon, founder of Body Fit Training, recommends using progressive 8-week training blocks, the same way he trained elite sports teams for decades.

To learn more about training blocks and how you can train without injury or overtraining, read on and find out what Cam has to say.

What is a training block?

The foundation of a training block uses validated principles of periodization and progressive overload designed to achieve the best results. Periodization is the planned manipulation of training variables and, when combined with progressive overload to enable progressive musculoskeletal adaptation, provides an optimal environment for achieving your health and fitness goals in the short and long term. long term.

Athletes train specifically from year to year by cycling and varying their programs through thoughtful manipulation of training variables such as movement patterns, weights, rest periods and selection of exercises. This allows the individual to constantly progress and never stagnate in their training.

We use the same principles at BFT to offer the everyday athlete the opportunity to develop their skills and training in the same way in the group environment.

By training in progressive blocks, it’s easier to stay motivated and see progress. Being able to measure your progress from your starting point to your end point is very addicting. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an elite athlete, workout blocks can work for anyone.

Why should training blocks be progressive?

Whether you’re training to compete in City 2 Surf’s fun race or showing off your bulging biceps at Arnold’s annual classic, it all starts with nailing the basics first and getting the movement and technique right, then developing capacity with weight, speed, etc. obtain optimal results.

Doing the same thing day after day will give you the same results.

Why Progressive Training Blocks Are The Way To Go

BFT founder Cameron Falloon is no stranger to coaching the elite athlete. Having trained AFL and football teams, his BFT methodology is successfully tried and tested by those around the world.

1. You don’t go from 0 to 100 in a week. Nail down technique and movement patterns first, before progressing with your weight or reps, which prevents injury from poor form.

2. When you train in progressive blocks, you’re less likely to get bored with the routine, get injured, or overtrain because you don’t see results.

3. They factor in recovery time with alternating cardio or strength biases.

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