‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: What Happened?

After rivers of bloodshed, YellowstoneThe fourth episode stops in chaos, taking the time to reset the chessboard that includes major Market Equities moves and the intrigues of Jamie and Garrett Randall’s renegade team.

The episode opens, however, on the road to Texas, with the series making headway to simultaneously tease its spinoff series. 6666, which is in development and will take place at the famous Four Sixes ranch. (Despite the 1893 flashback to the Yellowstone Season 4 premiere – itself something of a match for the upcoming 1883 prequel series – we have yet to revisit this side of the story. Yellowstone universe since, with the entirety of Episode 4 taking place in the present, shortly after the events of Episode 3.)

The main development in this episode, however, was about the series’ newest antagonist.

Last week, the villain was introduced when Rainwater and Mo handed over to John Dutton the man who organized the militia attack on his family. The man told the group he was hired by a federal inmate named Higgins to organize the attack. John then killed the man at the “station”, resolving to get more information about Higgins.

This week, that information is ours. In the final moments of the episode, we are given the first big reveal of the season: Higgins is more connected to the familiar. Yellowstone characters than we previously thought.

Here’s what happened in Episode 4.


John’s story

After obtaining information about the assailant of his family from Rainwater, John gives the Riggins file to Kayce. John asks Kayce to get the prisoner files through Jamie and set up an interview with the sheriff. John wants to use Kayce’s conversation with Jamie to also assess Jamie’s loyalty to the family, telling Kayce “if he balks … the loyalty has been decided.”

John says if Jamie responds favorably, he’ll meet Jamie himself.

Beth’s story

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After being ousted from Schwartz & Meyer and after threatening Schwartz with destruction, Beth meets Caroline Warner, the new CEO of Market Equities. While she was the head of mergers and acquisitions for Schwartz & Meyer, Beth had bled the stock prices of Market Equities, a move Warner is now threatening to sue. After the threat, which Beth takes with a smirk and a Beth-sized sip of alcohol, Warner reveals what she’s looking for: the land trust Beth has created for Yellowstone. Beth’s response: not for sale.

Warner retorts (seemingly forgetting her own threat), explaining how she is already renting out some of Jamie’s share in the ranch and that the ranch will continue to lose money anyway. Stubbornness, she says, is not a successful business model.

Warner then makes an offer (for a reason now on defense): Beth will join Market Equities to help oversee all development in Montana, protecting Yellowstone by making billions of market episodes in other projects. Assuming the offer is too good to be true (because Beth still hasn’t agreed to sell part of the Land Trust), Beth makes a seemingly impossible request: In return for her collaboration with Market Equities, she will buy all of Market Equities’ shares in Schwartz & Meyer, helping him ruin them vindictively.

Later, Beth chats with John about the potential job, explaining how it might be helpful for her to work for the enemy. She also expresses her disbelief at Warner’s offer, suspecting that there is something else behind the too fair deal.

The dormitory show

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Jimmy goes to the Four Sixes Ranch with Travis and begins to warm up to the idea of ​​a ranch in Texas. When he arrives, Travis flies away, leaving Jimmy alone to face his horse’s fears.

Back in Yellowstone, Lloyd passes judgment with Rip away, telling the others to bring the sick cattle back to the stables. When the group returns, Rip and John chew on Lloyd in front of the others, embarrassing him; Walker had previously suggested leaving the cattle in more distant fields. In the dorm room later, Lloyd and Walker finally took him out, with Lloyd initiating a fight and Rip coming in to assert his alpha status, breaking them up before beating Lloyd and reminding everyone of the rule no one seems to follow: no fighting on the ranch.

Rip also enforces a harsher romantic parenting with Carter, telling her that he has only one option in life: not to spoil his “job” at the ranch.

Kayce’s story

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With Monica and Tate still traumatized by the attack, Kayce suggests that the family temporarily move to the reserve, a decision Monica has wanted to hear for months. John disapproves, however, when the three drive off, commenting on how the ranch has become a place everyone wants to leave.

Kayce meets her left brother, Jamie, about inmate Higgins. He asks Jamie for prison records and an interview. While Jamie says it would be impossible, he offers to hit Higgins’ records and put something more into the books. When Kayce says John wants Jamie to do the interview, Jamie looks surprised. Kayce’s visit once again seems to complicate Jamie’s loyalty.

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Jamie’s story

Jamie stands on his new land with his father, Garrett Randall, remarking that it’s the first thing he’s ever owned. He then thanks Randall for reinvigorating him, signaling a growing bond and trust between the two. Their plan still seems to be the acquisition of land at the expense of the Dutton family. Later, when he hears about a lawsuit to stop the development of the airport backed by Market-Equities, Jamie plays hard, promising to move the development forward anyway. The development would put additional pressure on the Yellowstone to sell.

During his conversation with Kayce, however, Jamie seems to relent; he still longs for John’s approval, sounding elated when told that John needs him. He asserts his loyalty to the Duttons, a gesture that in previous episodes seemed empty and manipulative, but now feels more and more genuine.

Jamie then explains to Kayce why he never visited John in the hospital: he was using his position to crush investigations into the ranch attack which left several militia dead; visiting John would have complicated his impartiality as attorney general.

At the end of the episode, Jamie receives the files from Higgins Prison. One sheet lists all of Higgins’ former cell mates. On the list: Jamie’s dad, Garrett Randall.

It looks like whatever storm is coming for the Duttons, Randall could play a big part. The next move, however, is Jamie’s.

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