You Won’t Make Money In Bodybuilding If You Avoid This Vital Tactic

Patrick Moore explains how the “eat, sleep, work out” mentality is not enough to make money in bodybuilding. Marketing is now vital.

Patrick Moore is not just a pro bodybuilder. He is a pro bodybuilder who has started over from one sport to another. Originally a boxer, he eventually started all over again in competitive bodybuilding. Today, he is a flagship athlete who promises to become a legendary champion.

Striving for athletic success is difficult from the start, doing it twice by starting over in a different sport is even more difficult. That’s why we asked Moore to share his tips for getting started in bodybuilding. In our latest GI Exclusive, Patrick Moore explains that being good at building muscle and shredding isn’t enough. Now you have to sell yourself, and sell yourself well, as a marketable personality.

There is no doubt that the Internet age has dramatically changed bodybuilding. Not only has it changed the way fans interact with the sport and its athletes. It also completely revolutionized the way sponsorship works. Gone are the days of the Weider contract. This is something that many bodybuilders and professionals in the industry have been talking about over the past decade. Patrick Moore believes that has not been said enough. He cannot express how important it is to become marketable as a personality in order to be financially successful in bodybuilding.

In our conversation with Patrick Moore, he made one thing clear. In essence, being good at bodybuilding is no longer enough to be financially successful in sports. Only a few of the competitions award top tier cash prizes. And even then, statistically, your chances of being that champion to win the $ 400,000 Olympia Prize are very slim. It is not something to be trusted.

The age of the internet and social media has put the tools directly into the hands of the athlete. Large multi-year contracts are no longer offered in the same way. Now, having an online presence is just as vital as winning bodybuilding shows. That doesn’t mean you have to be a schmoozing online influencer. But that means you have to find a way to promote your personality in online engagement.

Of course, commercialization is not a substitute for passion and hard work in sports. But it is perhaps a more vital aspect of being a professional bodybuilder than most people realize when entering the sport.

“The first thing you need to do is love sports or training,” says Patrick Moore in our interview. He keeps on:

“Because everything that follows will be based on your ranking in the shows. The amount of attention you are able to generate online. You have to be an athlete. You must be a sports representative. And you have to market. And I say this because marketing is one thing, I think a lot of people don’t realize it has to be present these days.

Patrick Moore continues to argue that the days of just focusing on training and weight loss are over.

“You can’t just be the guy who goes to the gym with your hoodie on and works out and then leaves it out and then thinks you’re going to make the money. It doesn’t happen like that. Because you have to think about what drives ticket sales, merchandise sales, whatever – you have to be a hard worker. So I would tell the new guys that are coming in. don’t wait for sponsors, don’t wait for anything… you have brands watching. They will observe how you interact online, so if they see that you get a lot of engagement then they may be inclined to extend your referral. So where guys will say I’m not gonna do stuff online because it’s stupid and it’s a waste of time. Okay, well, you’re just leaving an opportunity on the table for an athlete who’s ready to do it… you can’t just eat, sleep, and work out. This is a dream. It’s not going to happen. Not if you want to be successful.

Ultimately, there are several paths to success. No mold will be the mandatory subset needed to be 100% successful. But it is also foolish to believe that investing time and energy in these strategies is a waste of time. Someone who is passionate about bodybuilding should be prepared to do whatever it takes to be successful and become a champion.

Leaving an entire option on the table, as Patrick Moore says, reduces your chances. If weight training is your life – even if you hate social media – you may need to make that kind of sacrifice and learn how to engage with these tools. Otherwise, you will drastically reduce your chances on the modern playing field.

You can watch Patrick Moore detail his experiences building his brand in bodybuilding and his essential tips in our latest GI exclusive interview segment above.

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